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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following list contains common questions regarding registration with the Cast It Reach platform. The answers given here should solve most of the issues registrants may face during registration.
If you still haven't found an answer, you can write to our support team below, and a support representative will get back to you shortly.

Welcome Page and System Entrance

Q: I try to register to the system and I get the following message: "Email address already exists".
A: This happens when a user is already registered with their email address but tries to register again. Simply enter the system using the Sign In window instead of Register.

Q: I am already registered to the system. Now I try to sign in and I get the following message: "Incorrect email or password".
A: This can happen for three possible reasons:
1. You may have forgotten your password. Simply click on Forgot my password and a new password will be sent to your email address.
3. You may have used a different email address or made a mistake while typing it when you first registering to the system (for example, typing instead of In such case, contact support and provide your Applicant ID.

Q: I get a message telling me that my session has expired, or that my browser blocks cookies.
A: A session expires after several hours of inactivity. Simply sign in again using the Sign In window. If it happens again after you signed in, make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser.

Q: What browsers can I use to register?
A: The registration system works best on Chrome browser. It also supports Firefox (version 3.5 and newer) and Internet Explorer (version 10 and newer).

Filling the Form

Q: I am clicking on Next to go to the next step, but the system won't let me.
A: The system allows progressing to the next step only after all mandatory questions (marked with a red star) were answered. Scroll up to find the missing answer – It will be marked with a red message, such as: This field is mandatory.

Q: What is my Applicant Number (or Applicant ID)?
A: The Applicant ID (for example, a200a-5-44333) is a unique number each applicant receives when first registering to the system. It is used to easily track an applicant on the admin system, or provide support to this applicant. Please note that the dashes between the numbers are important and should not be ignored. When contacting support, please provide your Applicant ID.

Q: I haven’t finished answering all the questions. Can I save my work and continue later?
A: Sure! Simply click on the Continue Later button and the system will save your work. You will be able to return to the system at any time and to complete registration, using the Sign In window. Use your email address and the password you chose.

Media Upload

Q: I am trying to upload photos but I get the following message: "Max file size 5MB".
A: Photo upload is limited to 5MB per image. To reduce the size of your photos, visit Microsoft Help.

Q: My photos are smaller than 5MB but I still get an error message.
A: Supported formats are common image formats: JPG, GIF or PNG. Please verify that the images you upload are in one of these formats.

Q: I am trying to upload a video but I get the following message: "Max file size 600MB/200MB".
A: Video uploads are limited to 600MB for video 1 and 200MB for video 2. Please upload a smaller video, or use YouTube to submit your videos.

Q: How do I upload videos to YouTube?
A: If YouTube uploads are enabled in your registration, refer to the YouTube Guide.

Or contact our support mailbox: